About The Photographer

Having discovered photography in high school, my interest has continued over the years. I have had experience with large format cameras (4x5), medium format cameras (2-1/4) and small format cameras (35mm), but now have advanced to digital cameras. This type of photography allows for using a "dry darkroom" - the computer. The ease of shooting the picture, immediately evaluating, cropping and enhancing the image is very exciting. After years of working in a wet darkroom, the change is not only cleaner, but offers more flexibility. Because computers can do far more things than conventional photography, the digital world allows far more creativity. Working in my own graphics and typesetting business for over 30 years gave me an early introduction to computers and the sophistication of the new graphics programs provide the tools to produce my unique notecards. I have taken thousands of images and am enjoying converting the more interesting ones into notecards. This has also given me incentive to find new models to photograph, so this will be a continuing process.

Since Adam, the male nude figure has been a classic celebration of beauty! Not only physically, but also spiritually. Unencumbered by the trappings of culture and society, the nude form is indeed naked to the world. What you visualize is the inner radiance of love, spirit, gentleness and good. Celebrate with me the true beauty of the spirit of man.